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I'm Walter…for all intents and purposes I was purchased as a pet.  And…a sweet lovable pet I was!  Mama Auri & Papa Mike were so proud of me…that they took me to a dog show to meet other mastiffs and to meet my dad Czar’s owners, Evan & Cheryl.  When they laid eyes on me….they said that I had to be shown!  I guess they really really liked me…and kept saying what a sweet handsome boy I was!!  After that, I went to some neat classes where I got treats and met all kinds of other dogs.  Then I got to go to shows and win big ribbons!  Mama Auri and I even made a trip to cowboy country…and I got another championship winning over several “specials”!  Everything was going real good, I loved the show ring and was having fun.  But, one day I woke up and my leg hurt…bad.  Mama Auri rushed me to the vet as my leg was swelling by the minute.  I was taken to the Critical Care Hospital.  I had been bitten by a spider and was in ICU for 10 days.  I guess everyone was worried that I wouldn’t make it.  But…I surprised them!!  I’m here and I’m happy!!  It took a long 4 months for my leg to heal over.  Several of my Drs said it was a miracle that I didn’t lose my leg….or limp from the scar that I still have.  That little incident brought my show career to pretty much an end.  Now, I do something we all love doing even more….therapy work!  I love being with people and especially the children in the READ program.  I get to do that every week! 


Below are some pics of my sore leg…  don’t look if you’re squeamish! 








Evan & Cheryl Compton
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