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Litter Announcement

Lil X Ryder have 2 boys
Born:  March 6, 2006


Lil with two newborn mastiff pups 3/7/06
Full of milk and everyone is sleepy

Lil's newborns nursing Lil licking a newborn pup
I think mom likes me best!
Lil's two boys cuddling
Just got to snuggle


Head on brother

Cher holding a newborn

Everybody loves puppy breath

One day old mastiff pup face close up


Every 2-3 hrs -- ready to nurse

Very good at nursing and sleeping.


Head size to Chers hand

  Sucking a finger
  Getting bigger
  Nuzzling with mom

Sleeping while being held

Lets play Our eyes are open!
I see you

We are fast nursers now

These guys are chunks



I want to tell you somthin'

Now 24 days old

Lots of milk!

24 days old

You sleepin ma? We walk good.



Now 6 weeks old
Happy Easter




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