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Bonnie X Winston have 2 puppies... 2 girls

Born:  June 11,   2008

 Top mastiff in Canada 2007

CH Lynnspride Cheadle Churchill

Hips: RC1244 Good
Elbows: RC1244 Normal
Thyroid: OFA normal
Cardiac: OFA normal
Eyes: CERF normal
Cystinuria: negative






CH Mountainviews Break-Out Bonnie

MCOAGold Health Award
CHIC #45558
Hips: OFA good
Elbows: OFA normal
Patellas: OFA normal
Cardiac: OFA normal
Thyroid: OFA normal
Eyes: CERF normal
PRA/DNA normal
Cystinura: negative
vonWD normal





                                                                                   *** 1st Day ***















First meal at home

Hi Mom









                                                             *** 1st Week ***




Bonnie with her Puppies















One week old little angels



Nursing close up







Bonnie is so attentive
















Hi Sweetheart






                                                             *** 3rd Week ***

NursingAnd Sleeping

Life is pretty much eating and sleeping

















And more eating...










                                                             *** 4 1/2  Weeks ***

Mommy with her girls


Moms always cleaning














Moms tired...






Puppies love playing with mom









Megan with a puppy

Jenna with a puppy



*** 5  Weeks ***
With Granddaughters

Breanna with a puppy
















Breanna with a puppy


Megan with a puppy
















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